Hearing Loss

What Does Hearing Loss Sound Like?

We all take hearing for granted but have you wondered what it is like for our family members and friends who may have some problems in this regard. With this in mind, we’ve prepared a short video which will help give us a better understanding of their experience.

Part 1.

What normal hearing sounds like

Part 2.

This gives us an idea of what it is like to have a hearing impairment.

Part 3.

Communicating in a noisy environment can be quite challenging. Can you imagine what it is like to try and hear the conversation when the background noise takes over?

Part 4.

“Glue Ear” or Middle Ear Fluid is common particularly amongst young children. We usually explain to parents of young children and to adults who may have “glue ear” that it like “hearing under water”. This part of the video provides some idea of what it’s like.

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