grants and Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Hearing Tests

Patients with health insurance cover can claim back up to €40 for their hearing assessment

Grants for Hearing Aids

A grant is available under the Treatment Benefit Scheme (Department of Social Protection) for those who have paid PRSI contributions for 5 or more years.

Clients may also qualify for the grant through their spouse’s contributions. In addition, since March, 2017, Department of Social Protection has included Self-Employed people in the scheme.

The grant covers half the cost of the hearing aids up to a maximum of €1,000 (€500 per hearing aid). More information can be obtained from the Department of Social Protection, Treatment Benefit Section.

Income Tax Relief for Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids qualify under “Health Expenses” for the purpose of Tax Relief and a refund can be claimed using Med.1 form.

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