Hearing Aids

Based On Your Type Of Hearing Loss

At Audico, we offer a wide range of the best available digital hearing aids. When we know that hearing aids are necessary and will help with hearing problems, the most suitable hearing aids will be recommended, based on:

  • Type of hearing loss
  • Personal preference
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget and other factors

Following consultation, the hearing aid(s) will be fitted within one week. If a custom made hearing aid is selected, this will be fitted within a maximum of 10 days. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all hearing aid fittings. There is a minimum of 2 year warranty on all hearing aids.

Styles and Types of Hearing Aid

MED-EL ADHEAR Non-Surgical Bone Conduction Hearing Aid

The ADHEAR can be fitted to patients with conductive hearing loss or single sided deafness. Suitable candidates will typically have unmasked bone conduction values <=25dB across the frequency range 500-4000Hz. The MED-EL ADHEAR is reported in the literature to perform similarly to the transcutaneous BAHA Attract system.

Audico offers suitable candidates a trial of one week of ADHEAR aid and there is a 30 day return policy upon ordering. Please see the chart below as a general guide for candidacy and an image of the device in situ.

Our Clinical Audiologists have extensive experience in the provision of bone conduction devices and are available to answer any questions you may have.

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In The Ear (ITE)

A custom made hearing aid that fits into the concha bowl of the ear. ITE hearing aids can suit moderate to severe hearing losses.

Completely In the Canal (CIC)

A custom made hearing aid that fits into the ear canal. CIC hearing aids can suit up to a moderate hearing loss.

Behind The Ear (BTE)

A device that sits behind the ear and is attached to a custom made ear-mould which sits in the ear. BTE hearing aids suit up to profound hearing losses.

Receiver In The Canal (RIC)

A small device attached to an open mould/tip which sits in the ear canal. It allows for the flow natural sound into the ear. Open fit RIC hearing aids are ideal for high frequency hearing losses and age related hearing losses.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Even with the best hearing aids, some listening situations – such as listening in noise, over a distance, on the phone and the television – can still be very challenging. This is where hearing aid accessories can be beneficial in order to ensure optimal benefit from hearing aids.

We offer a wide range of Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • TV connector: This turns the hearing aids into a wireless TV headset, streaming sound directly into the hearing aids.
  • Remote control: Gives full control over the hearing aid. Remote controls can help change the volume, change programmes, etc.
  • Phone accessories: There are a wide variety of products available to stream a phone call directly to the hearing aids via Bluetooth. There are also products available to improve listening to phone conversations on a landline telephone.
  • Devices to help the wearer hear better over a distance or in noise: We offer a wide range of wireless products to assist the hearing aid user in these very challenging listening situations. A wireless microphone can transmit sound directly from a speaker into the hearing aids. We will assist in choosing the product that best meets our client’s needs.

Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aids are programmed to the exact hearing impairment via software. The Audiologist will perform certain tests to ensure the hearing aids are providing the correct amount of gain. This is to ensure that the hearing aids are giving sufficient amplification to enable wearer to hear speech sounds. Following approximately 3 review appointments and a 30 day (money back) trial period, the Audiologist and wearer will evaluate the benefit from the hearing aids. In the event that the aids do not provide sufficient benefit, the aid(s) can be returned and client will receive a full refund.

What Happens Next?

The main factor in successful hearing aid fitting is regular use. People with the highest satisfaction levels are those who wear their hearing aids every day for all their waking hours. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the hearing aids will only be of benefit when they are in the ear.

Secondly and more importantly, while wearing hearing aids the brain is adapting to the new amplified sound. The more they are worn the more normal the sound becomes. Following the hearing aid fitting, the client is welcome to return at any stage by contacting (01)6459603 to arrange an appointment. At Audico, to ensure that every person is given sufficient time, we operate an appointment only system.

Aside from fine tuning appointments we ask our clients to attend for an audiogram annually. This is to ensure that the hearing aids are always programmed precisely to the wearer’s current hearing levels. At Audico, we provide impartial advice on which hearing aid may be best for our clients.

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