Adult Assessment

A full Audiological assessment by a qualified clinician involves looking at the hearing system as a whole .

All adults' hearing assessments are completed in a sound-proof booth to give the most accurate results.


Otoscopy allows us to examine the ear canal and ear drum. It can help identify physical abnormalities which may contribute to a hearing loss. It involves the Audiologist looking into the ear with a light; it is both a safe and comfortable procedure. It assesses the health of the outer portion of the ear.

Otoscan, as seen in the above images, is the first 3D digital ear scanning technology which is developed to deliver customised hearing care. It allows us to take a 3D digital image of a clients ear and produce custom in-the-ear pieces as ear-moulds and hearing aids.


Tympanometry records eardrum movement in response to a change in pressure. It is useful in detecting conditions such as middle ear fluid (glue ear), ear drum perforations and Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Acoustic Reflex Testing

Acoustic Reflex Testing measures the stapedius and tensor tympani reflex (muscles of the middle ear) in response to loud sound. It can be a useful tool in confirming conductive hearing losses such as otosclerosis.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Pure Tone Audiometry is a hearing assessment which identifies the softest sound you can hear at a range of different frequencies using headphones. A bone vibrator (small band) is then placed behind your ear to determine whether your hearing loss is caused by a problem in the middle ear or inner ear.

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